A bit of tinkering

Did a bit of tinkering today.

Removed the original clocks & rear mudguard, disconnected the side stand switch so the engine can run on the stand.

Cut the plug off the end of the original clocks & soldered onto the Acewell loom.

Run the Acewell loom in . Wired the Oil pressure light to the sidestand switch to give a visual warning.

Test fitted the combined stop/tail/indicators

Everythings loose at the moment as will wait to start tywarapping & tidying until I’ve removed the airbox & battery tray & relocated the batetry/extended the wires.

Thinking cap on at the moment around the tail as a standard legal UK number plate (9″ x 7″) will slightly obscure the indicators.

2 options
1) the stems are long enough to push outwards but would need either a second nut or a piece of tube
2) fit a slightly illegal 8″ x 6″ number plate




It’s been a while

since I put anything here. Been mainly using the space to upload various pics etc to post/link too on other forums. A lot has happened since my last posting.

One big change is that I’ve relocated from Aylesbury to Warrington with work. From a biker point of view that’s brilliant as there are so many good biking areas that are an easy day out :)

Bike wise the Pan has gone (MOT fail @ 100k miles) and the Grey Bird has also gone following a little incident in italy

Mavis is still going strong although she has finally had to have a new silencer


And I also have a new Bird in my life, a 2004

Silver Bird

Meanwhile I have a new girl coming (which is partly what’s prompted me to start updating this). To cut a long story short, walked into Mick Surmans a month or so back, saw one of these and went “ooooh , I want”

Roll on next week, I have a list of “tweaks” to be carried out :)

Skyteam Ace 125

My 3 Girls

From Left To Right:
1997 Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird, purchased Easter 2012 with only 18k miles on the clock!

1998 Honda ST1100 Pan European, Purchased Sept 2008 with 21k miles currently (Easter 2012) has around 93k miles on her.

1992 Honda CBR600, Purchased summer 2011 for a song with 35k miles afte rbeing sat in a garage for 6 years, currently on around 39k miles. A rather fetching ” shell sui ” colour scheme ;)